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Beckham's 3 Month Update

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Three short months Earth-side with him and I already can’t remember life without him.

-He’s starting to be more independent

-Hangs alone for longer

-Doesn’t need my arms/chest ALL naps (which is normal too, not needy)

-Is starting to communicate “babbling”

-Recognizes our faces, wants to interact with us

-Started laughing (he particularly likes Sofia, of course)

And he started putting his hands in his mouth and completely got rid of the pacifier on his own (no tricks)

NOTE: I always introduce the paci on day 1 (yes, unlike what experts suggest, no regrets) to sooth because babies are born with the need to suck (not just for hunger) and it's important for a calming effect. So the paci at first has always been SO useful to me and honestly, a life saver during the witching hours 🤯 But at 10 weeks HE officially retired! Sofia did exactly the same, but at 6 months. The paci was well used and gone, drama-free.

Comparing him to Sofia I finally started to notice big differences.

Beckham sleeps longer stretches both at night (up to 6-7h, and def not every night, although I never catch more than 3h since he goes to bed at 8pm and I go to bed at 11pm and he wakes at around 12/1am usually after the first long stretch) and at naps (30min to 1.5h)

Sofia NEVER napped more than 20min until 6months. She NEVER slept more than 2-3h at night until over a year old. And she never did 7h until 2 years old.

So despite Beckham waking way more often during the first 6 weeks due to his belly issues, I now can see how HE is able to sleep longer ON HIS OWN. No tricks or training here either. Each kid has its own rhythm, needs and timing.

However, month 3 was a pretty “easy” and less challenging month last time.... sleep regressions & teething are starting in about a month... so I don’t want to jinx it those were BRUTAL with Sofia!

Another big difference I see now is that Sofia NEVER slept on her own during the day until 6 months (only in my arms/rocked/swing/stroller). Versus Beckham who just NOW at 3 is able to sleep on his own, although I DO mainly rock / hold him to sleep still.

Thankful that my first was more "difficult sleeping wise” because I am WAY busier with a toddler in the mix!

Happy 3 months on Earth my son! Life is SO much sweeter with you!


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