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Beckham's 10 Month Update & Schedule

HAPPY 10 months (and 11 days) Beckham!

I’m not going to lie the last weeks of 9 months were rough. He was the fussiest he has ever been, crying all day, only wanting my arms (yet wining still), and fighting naps. It was so hard and exhausting. He was teething back to back and was on a leap as well. But as it magically came, it magically left. And he is back to his happy self!

He now has 7 tooth, he loves to play and interact, definitely gets very mad when he can’t get his way and he is as happy as he gets in the water, definitely a cancer baby boy.

He is now an energy bunny on a mission to seek and destroy, won't stop moving, and cruising. He loves to open and shut doors and cabinets, and seek for anything but toys to play with.

We now are down to 3 nursing sessions a day instead of 4, but those 3 sessions are long and he definitely loves them (plus 1 or 2 at night).

Here's the schedule he is currently doing, everything give or take 30min:

  • 7am: Wake

  • 8am: Breakfast

  • 930am: Nursing 1

  • 10am: Nap 1

  • 11am: Wake

  • 12pm: Lunch

  • 130pm: Nursing 2

  • 2pm: Nap

  • 3pm: Wake

  • 4pm: Snack

  • 530pm: Dinner

  • 630pm: Bath + Night Routine

  • 7pm: Nursing 3

  • 730pm: Bedtime

And as always, he sleeps well unless he is on a leap, teething or going through a growth spurt and of course, all those things happen often at this age. So we have good nights, we have bad nights. And that is totally normal and okay.

Best 10 months with our little fishy!


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