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Beckham’s 15months: Update & Schedule

Meet Beckham, the coolest dude. A true California boy with Mediterranean charm!

He turned 15months a week ago and okay, his personality is starting to break through quickly.

He is feisty, determined, vocally strong, playful, confident, sweet, carefree, and a love ball. Especially to his mama. But loves his daddy fun time too.

He won’t let his sister or anyone mess with him, or take something from him, no matter how old they are, but will laugh, play and love you unconditionally if you play your cards right.

His passions are motorcycles, cars, trash trucks and construction sites. In that order.

He RUNS everywhere he goes now, and I simply can’t keep up. We are active ALL day long!

His schedule is the following now, always flexible and following his lead:

7am wake

730a breakfast

10a snack

1130am nursing

12pm - 2pm nap

2pm lunch

4pm snack

6pm dinner

7pm bath

730pm nursing

8pm bedtime

He has been waking often lately with a mix of growth & teething. Last week, he literally woke up randomly wanting to nurse SO much. I’m always open and follow his lead in this sense too, my mindset is that if he suddenly wants to nurse more than usual at night he has a reason (not enough food that day & needs more nutrients, or is growing and needs more nutrients, or is teething and needs comfort: any of those those reasons, nutrition or emotional needs, are SO important to me!). Anyhow, literally after a few of those nights of frequent wakes to nurse, I realized he had grown so much: he could reach the door knobs, the car seat straps were small and shoes didn’t fit. Mamas: listen to your babies, they know what they need!

Love you B, but slow down. I can’t keep up!


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