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Beckham's 5 Month Updates

This past month was such a fun one too. He now loves to interact looking to laugh and giggle nonstop, especially with his sister! Even if she simply walks by, he can't stop laughing. He is obsessed with his chew toys, fun books, is getting stronger during tummy time, and he won't stop talking now! He chats all day, and makes the cutest sounds, although so loud lol. He is saying "dada" nonstop, but that's because D is the first consonant they typically say, so I do NOT count it as a first word... especially because he doesn’t know what he is saying, sorry daddy! If I had to guess, I would say energy-wise he is more chill and laid back than Sofia at least (that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get fussy or cries, he is a baby, of course he does). But Sofia was an extreme of high energy from the start. And although it is still too early to tell how his personality is, Sofia's energy at least was in another level already! Oh, and although it is hard to tell on photo or video, he is totally getting blonde highlights, more and more everyday, its hard for me to picture him anything but brunette now. But you never know, these munchkins change so much! He is still waking 3-5 times a night on average (especially this past month, as he is STILL going through the sleep regression and waking sometimes every hour even), but I’ll go away as it always does, nope: zero plans to ever sleep train him either. He is also eating every 2-3hours still, day and night (again sometimes more if he is going through growth spurts) and we are getting ready to introduce solids in a month, when he turns 6. I will do a post on this, as well as a detailed YouTube video on how we are prepping & starting. So exciting! Happy 5 months little B, you are the sweetest and your smile melts me every time! Can’t get enough of you. PS: after seeing this pic I realized he officially needs to retire from the stroller bassinet, on to the seat we go!


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