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Beckhams 16 months: Update & Schedule

Our boy turned 16 months!

This age is all about exploring and nonstop energy, which means, getting in trouble & not letting me rest one bit.

I remember Sofia at this age perfectly, it was the busiest physical age, and let me tell you: it’s exactly the same with B, they both are WILD.

I can’t say one is more chill than the other so I came to the conclusion that it’s this age, they don’t ever stop & are nonstop mess-makers too. Anyone with a calm 16month old to prove my theory wrong? Haha.

There’s been quite a few NEW stuff around here:

  • He repeats so many words, and uses new words properly on his own too like más, caca, agua, boobie...

  • He now comes to tell me when he has “caca” in his diaper so I change him. It’s funny because, Sofia did the exact same thing at 16 months. It surprised me so much back then because she suddenly started doing this out of the blue. On her own. And now, I wasn’t as surprised about the skill but I was as surprised about how perfectly synchronized my two kids are with their milestones lol

  • He now picked up the love of food throwing & dog feeding once he is done with his plate. So I simply have to be ready to remove the plate ASAP! Seriously, you can’t have the house clean with two kids under 4. It’s constant mess after mess.

  • And, he got 4 molars at ONCE! Which you can imagine how it’s been around here this past month... zzz team no sleep!

His schedule is the same as last month and it will probably stay the same until 18 months when the nap tends to be pushed back to 1pm to 3pm, and bedtime pushed back too, but again, I always follow his lead, he knows best!

7am wake

730a breakfast

10a snack

1130am nursing

12pm - 2pm nap

2pm lunch

4pm snack

6pm dinner

7pm bath

730pm nursing

8pm bedtime

+ night nursing as needed

Beckham... wowza! You are equally fun and sweet as work 🤪 And wouldn’t have it any other way!


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