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Being A Mom Equals 2.5 Full Time Jobs

No one can deny that BEING A MOM IS A LOT OF WORK!

According to a study that analyzed the schedules of moms with little ones under 12, being a mom is a daily 14-hour job, with no days off, that's 98 hours per week, which equals 2.5 full time jobs. Because the average mom starts her day at 6:23am and ends at 8:31pm with only 1.7hours of free time in between, which... seems pretty accurate to me!

Being a mom means you have a never-ending series of tasks to complete, even those who step away from mom duties during office hours they still wake up with chores and go to bed with chores. With duties. With responsibilities that don't allow a break.

What the heck, moms don't even have sick days!

This is why we need to know what to delegate

How to take care of ourselves within the chaos

When to put our oxygen mask first

To ask for help before we crash

To work on our mindset for perspective

We absolutely can't do it ALL alone and expect not to get burned off.

Being conscious of what it takes will make you proud of yourself for all you do and will allow to have compassion when you can't get to it all.

Being aware that your crazy, never-ending schedules are a temporary moment of your life, will allow you to enjoy the slower days to truly soak in the time with our minis, instead of pushing through to get more and more done.


Know that you do a lot

Know that you are doing great

Know that you got this!

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