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Best Lifestyle Deals

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Here are some deals from my favorite brands & services:

HOTEL TONIGHT (international):

Travel the world or book a last minute stay cay, and stay at high end hotels for up to half the cost!

- Last minute hotel bookings (7 days in advanced maximum)

- Best deals for luxury & trendy hotels.

- Hottest destinations around the world (cities & beach resorts)

- For up to half the market price. CODE: LGIMBERT1 for an extra discount

MILK & EGGS (SoCal):

I order all my groceries through them. Convenient, healthier, cheaper and best quality.

- They deliver groceries straight to your door, which saves time at the groceries (order online).

- Perfect for busy babes, postpartum, or you can schedule them to arrive when you come back from a trip so you have food ready for you to bounce back into the routine quicker.

- Great prices because it is farm direct (no third parties).

- Fresh & high quality produce and items, tons of organic options.

- Products are filtered, they only sell healthy brands so you know you are getting great stuff!

CODE: lauragimbert for $15 extra (with any $35 purchase or more) plus free delivery.

This was my favorite service to pamper myself through postpartum. I treated myself to weekly massages, facials, mani pedis... I did not need to leave my baby or leave the house yet I felt pretty and taken care of. Now I use this service when I want an in home massage mainly, more convenient, faster and cheaper than at a SPA. You can select the time (up to 11pm!) and the technician too!

- Massages

- Nails

- Yoga

- Hair & Makeup

CODE: bossbabe for a discount (all prices listed include tip and tax!!)

DELTA CHILDREN (international) I have all of Sofia's Nursery from Delta. I absolutely love every item they offer and tons of options too.

- Nursery Furniture

- Kids decor

- Strollers

- Baby gear

Any CODE: bossbabe for a discount on everything on their site

I started doing this through postpartum because I wanted healthy meals ready to eat in the fridge, as I knew I wouldn't have time to cook. It was so amazing that I kept ordering this service and I still do. I get three meals delivered every day, one for my lunch, one for my dinner, and one for my husband's dinner. So I don't waste time cooking at night since we are both so busy.

- Fresh not frozen

- Delivered daily to your doorstep

- Ready-to-eat meals

- 30 daily choices to choose from (you choose your meals)

- Vegan, Paleo & Classic menus (and you can mix & match)

CODE: PRBOSSBABE for a discount

Baby food made fresh, organic, delivered too your doortep. Perfect to combine with my home made food, especially for those items that are harder to cook!

- Superfood for babies

- 60+ flavors

- Nutrition dense

- No Sugar added

- Custom to your baby

- Single & mixed ingredients

CODE: MOMBOSSLIFE35 for a discount

Whenever I need food delivered from any major restaurant around LA (or any city where you are located!), I order through postmades! You pay a small delivery fee, but with my code below, you get $100 torwards your deliveries! - Your favorite local restaurants delivered to your home

- $100 credit free deliveries when you activate using my code below CODE: IUV7 for the $100 in deliveries


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