Breast Pump Review: Medela Pump In Style with MaxFlow technology

When I received the new Pump In Style with MaxFlow technology by Medela, my first impression was wow, what cute and stylish packaging! It comes with the most beautiful, neutral, and discrete bag that does not scream breast pump, which I love, and it’s so complete.

It truly has everything you need to pump on-the-go, including a battery pack for convenient pumping away from the power outlet, as well as a cooler bag that fits four 5oz bottles with a cooling element too. So, I immediately thought of all those mamas who need to work out-of-the-home, pump several times a day and travel back home with milk!

Here is a list of everything you get when purchasing the Pump In Style with MaxFlow technology:

1. Pump In Style Breast Pump with MaxFlow Technology

2. Four 5oz/150ml bottles with lids (safe for the baby: BPA-free)

3. Two 21mm PersonalFit Flex™ breast shields

4. Two 24 mm PersonalFit Flex™ breast shields

5. Two PersonalFit Flex™ Connectors with membranes

6. One Complete tubing

7. One Cooler

8. One Cooling element

9. One Microfiber bag

10. A Battery pack (8 AAs not included)

11. One Power adaptor

But of course, style is not the MOST important when it comes to pumping, so let’s talk about effectiveness. Again, I was completely surprised. It meets all my expectations. This pump provides you with hospital-grade performance at home, it is made with an advanced motor that generates a vacuum with MaxFlow™ micro-vibrations and a closed system, which means that it prevents the milk from entering the tubing. I have tried other pumps in the past, and none have been as effective for milk expression, so again, if you are someone who needs to pump multiple times a day, this pump will meet your criteria.

It is also a double electric breast pump, which allows you to pump both breasts at once, plus intuitive control, which is Medela’s combined speed and vacuum settings, pre-programmed based on their own research in breastfeeding and pumping. Making your pumping session extra effective.

Another thing I love is how gentle it feels to the touch. The PersonalFit Flex™ breast shields come in two different sizes with a soft and oval shape to allow for a better fit. They truly are comfortable, which enhance the experience!

And although it may feel overwhelming when receiving so many pieces and parts, I was surprised how easy it is to use, assemble, de-assemble, and clean.

Finally, I will add two more features that I love from this pump:

1. It is clinically proven to increase milk volume by 11.8%

2. It has a 2-Phase Phase Expression® Technology which mimics the baby’s natural sucking rhythm

So if you are a busy mama who needs to pump a few times a day, quickly, comfortably & effectively this pump is PERFECT for you. And I would no doubt recommend their Easy Expression™ Bustier so you can be hands-free while double pumping, and is made with the softest fabric, a must for us multitasking mamas!