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Breastfeeding Journey Through Pregnancy

Breastfeeding while pregnant during the first trimester was rough. But also a lifesaver.

First of all, as I told you a few posts ago, Sofia started being extra attached & wanting to BF way more often as soon as I got pregnant. So going from two times a day to wanting to Bf all day has been a LOT.

On top of that, the first few months I was so so sensitive it HURT equally to when I started bf when she was a newborn!

However, with the exhaustion & nausea, I have preferred to be cuddled BF her and “rest” than chase & distract an active toddler nonstop through those unbearable symptoms! So it’s also been helpful in that sense.

Now, it has DEFINITELY gotten better and we are back to feeding on occasional basis. And it’s not hurting as much anymore as I’m way less sensitive now. I can see it’s improving daily, on both ways. So I’m fine with it.

Will I try to wean her? Not really. I want to keep Bf her through our Barcelona trip this Christmas, and the flu season now that we already made it here! I’m happy and proud of our journey.

They also say that a lot of babies/toddlers stop Bf at the end of pregnancy when the milk changes back to colostrum. So honestly, now that I’m feeling better, I simply plan to get her back to our regular schedule of 1/2 feedings per day & see what happens. Going w the flow.

I’m also talking to a specialist (from my pediatric nutritionist team) this Wednesday to simply be informed about how our bodies work when feeding two babies and feeding when pregnant & all the hormonal changes. I obviously have no supply issues, but it’s always good to have more info on how our bodies work in this particular unique case. So I’ll let you know more about this too!

My life theory is, do whatever works and adapt to the changes, and that’s what I’ve been doing. I don’t want to force things, and breastfeeding so often has been tough but it has honestly SAVE MY LIFE through the crazy exhaustion and nausea months, since I’ve been able to cuddle WAY MORE than she ever does.

I’ll keep you posted on this journey!


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