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Caffeine-free Natural & Healthy Energy Alternatives!

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Here are my caffeine-free natural sources of energy that help me keep up with my busy days, balancing it all:

⚡️ A high protein breakfast: eggs

⚡️ A green juice per day

⚡️ Kombucha (read why I drink it)

⚡️ A power nap: just 10min a day save me when I need it

⚡️ B12 supplement: a pill or shot form is more effective

⚡️ Trail mix / nuts with Goji berries: I snack on it through the day

⚡️ Green / matcha tea: just occasionally. Contains less amount of caffeine and also helps boost mental clarity. I use one with collagen which also helps with hair, skin & nails.

⚡️ Protein Shake: a more sustainable energy boost. I also add super foods to it (like chia, flax & hemp seeds) for an extra dose!

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Remember coffee dehydrates your skin (not good if you are pregnant as it can cause more/worse stretchmarks), may make your baby fussier if you are breastfeeding (limit it!), and may cause more anxiety and stress.


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