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California Adventure Tips As A Family

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Top tips to go to California adventure as a family!

1. Bring a travel stroller (single or double). Lots of walking and perfect for naps too!

2. Make sure stroller has compartment space for bulkier blankets and layers. Things you can always leave in the stroller.

3. Bring your carrier for lines if you have a baby.

4. Bring a backpack to carry everything personal on rides, hands free.

5. Go on a school day, and not a holiday. Unless it's limited capacity like right now!

6. Go to the back of the park and make your way back. So go to Cars Land or Pixar’s pier first!

7. Go to the most popular ride first.

8. For bigger rides that kids can't ride: split up and use the "parent swap". The first parent goes to the line and gets the ticket scanned, then when the second parent goes in, shows that same ticket and can skip the whole line!

9. And ask if there are single rides on bigger rides, not always available.

10. Download the Disneyland app and order food ahead of time to pick up. This way you don't even have to wait for last minute time availability or food lines. Or join the walk-in waitlist for the nicer restaurants, also through the app.

11. Don't have lunch at regular lunch times so you can find a nice place to sit and eat. In a shady spot.

12. Bring lots of healthy snacks for everyone to balance out the junk. Make sure you check out the ice creams at Cozy Cone in Cars Land.

13. Head to Hollywood Land mid-day for a sun/heat/seat break and watch a show in a cool comfy auditorium. Also great at night when it cools off.

14. Bring a portable battery pack for the phone and charge on-the-go. Or if you don't have one and your battery is dying, buy one at the very beginning if the park.

15. Ask the crew what characters are coming out so you don’t miss your fav!

16. Mickey's Wheel on Pixar Peer is great for the whole family but make sure to go on the still gondola if you have very little kids.

17. Bring layers, it gets chilly at night!

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