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Choosing A Baby Friendly Resort

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

Our first time traveling to a beach resort with Sofia was to Rivera Nayarit, Mexico. We stayed at the Grand Velas Rivera Nayarit and it was just perfect!!

Here are the top things to consider a resort to have to make traveling with a baby the best experience possible for parents to relax, and minis to enjoy.

1. Baby Concierge: I had never heard of this until I traveled to Grand Velas, and WOW this gave mama such peace of mind. They basically offer this service to help create the most comfortable experience providing families with all basic comforts of your home: a bassinet, a stroller, a bath tub, a lounger for the room, carriers... We felt at home, in paradise!

2. On-Site Daycare/Babysitting: We personally did not use these services because we wanted to be together as a family, and we are entrepreneurs so we work while she naps, but I can understand how this can be a life saver for other families and we will definitely try when Sofia is a bit older! If you want to go out to dinner alone while baby sleeps, want to enjoy a quick adult water activity, or get a couples massage, having a day care or babysitting service is so comfortable. Our resort for example had an inclusive (yes, inclusive in the price) kids-club open all day 9am to 11pm (major hours) that also did activities (ages 4 and up) so it keeps them busy and entertained doing kid-friendly activities they will enjoy more than laying by the pool, while mom & dad can disconnect. And the nannies in our resort where paid per hour, however they can come beach side with you, or in-room, so convenient too not having to hire a service outside from the resort, especially in a country abroad.

3. Kid Friendly Restaurants: Of course, you don't want to do room service or buffet all day, so having fancy restaurants that are kid friendly is important. We were able to enjoy those restaurants with Sofia and not having to get a nanny. Plus, they offered baby puree in every restaurant (another major peace of mind knowing) and, of course, provided high chairs. Making the whole dining experience very comfortable. Of course, she fussed a few times and we just took turns to walk around but ultimately being there as a family meant a lot to me.

4. Variety of restaurants & food on-site: Again, we didn't have to worry about repeating one restaurant or finding a new one off-site (getting on a cab with the baby etc). Our resort had three dinner restaurants (Mexican, Italian/Mediterranean & French) as well as a breakfast & lunch buffet with a wide range of international cuisine, a snack bar and 24h room service with a large selection.

5. Airport transportation with car seat option: If you are traveling you want to carry the least as possible. But of course, you have to get from the airport to the resort and back. Having a service that provides you with car seat option is so convenient too!

6. 24h Room Service: Simple but important. If there's jet lag and you/the baby are awake in the middle of the night hungry, or you simply don't want to leave the room because the baby is already sleeping... having a good room service 24h is a must!

7. All Inclusive: It made life easy. We did not have to think about extra costs and we had everything we needed in one place - not having to leave with a baby is so comfortable! There are different types of all-inclusive and this one was very high end, so the quality of every single thing we got was excellent and did not give the "all-inclusive" vibe. We work hard and we love to feel pampered on vacation and we definitely got what we were looking for.

8. Kid friendly store on site: As much as we plan, we probably forget something or run out of, so having a kid friendly resort on site is important and convenient for those last-minute urgent purchases (from bibs to clothes to baby safe sunscreen, to of course diapers or water diapers!)

Our resort ticked all of the above and we had the best time!! Very much recommended if you are planning to travel to Puerto Vallarta/Punta Mita!


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