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Conversations to have with Partner Before Welcoming a Baby

First baby or not, these conversations are KEY to have for a smoother transition!

✨What are your birth wishes? How will your partner be able to advocate and support you during labor & immediately postpartum?

✨What’s the paternity leave? What are your partner expectations during the leave and after? And when back home from work?

✨How will partner help your postpartum healing recovery?

✨Which exact home chores will partner pick up on? Cooking? Laundry? Prepping frozen meals? Groceries? Cleaning?

✨How will partner help with baby? Diapers? Extra hands? Skin to skin? Night routine?

✨Will partner be waking up at night to help you?

✨How will your partner support you emotionally?

✨How will finances work during this time? Are you getting paid leave? Does he need to take over some bills? Do you have a revised monthly budget that now includes baby needs, like diapers, wipes, childcare, and more? Does your budget need to change?

✨What’s your home visitor plan? Do you feel comfortable having people over? His parents? Siblings? Do you want privacy?

✨How will partner help you get “me” time?

✨What are your feeding goals & needs? How can partner support your plan?

✨If you have other kids: how will partner help with them? Night routines? Wake up early? Get them to school? Will you need extra support?

✨What are your goals to keep up with the relationship connection? How will you incorporate time for you both, with a newborn? Family walks? Lunch outings? Dinners at home?

✨What are your fears approaching the change and how will you work through those?

💻You can learn all of these things and much more to prep for pregnancy, birth and postpartum in the on-demand courses for doula support, guidance and education every step of the way. Master bundle for those 0-40 weeks. End of pregnancy bundle for those 20 weeks and over.


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