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Improve Your Mental Health

For a healthy, productive personal AND business life, you need to have great mental health. Which means, even if you are working 24/7, you need to take breaks to increase productivity, recharge and avoid mental fatigue and stress burnout.

Traveling is what helps me relax my mind & soul the most, improving my overall mental health, to be able to keep up. But if you are not available to travel often, here are some tips to easily improve your mental health:

1. Get Proper Sleep. Eat Right. Workout. 2. Find Ways to Be Social in Productive Environments. 3. Surround Yourself With Positive Influences only. Cut off all those negative people. 4. Know How to Prioritize Important Activities. 5. Create a Schedule that Works for You. 6. Have a Cash Cushion/Savings. 7. Add Activities To Your Lifestyle That Turn Your Mind OFF (meditation, yoga, movies...)

8. Get some Vitamin D: sit under the sun for at least 20min a day. 9. Workout DAILY. Your physical health impacts your mental health, and your mental health impacts your physical health. The interaction between the mind and the body is so pervasive, it's all connected = it's all important. The way to TOTAL HEALTH is taking care of your mind as well as your body.

Adding these things into your daily life as MUST-DOs will improve your mental health which will lead to a better and happier, more productive lifestyle.


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