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Creating Healthier Lifestyle Habits

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Since I started living a super clean & healthy lifestyle about five years ago (read how & why) I felt such a difference on my day to day life performance & results.

Feeling stronger insight & out, more energized, a more positive mindset, more focused, and it obviously came with some physical changes too (less body fat, better skin, less bloating).

I understand shifting into a clean healthy lifestyle isn’t something you do from one day to the other. The whole point of leading a healthier lifestyle is that it’s a lifestyle. Not a diet. You are creating healthy habits and replacing bad ones for good ones. Things that you can stick with forever, long term, versus following a strict “diet” that is only easy to follow short term. And doing in extremes, as it wouldn’t be healthy for the mind.

But creating new habits takes time. So the trick is to include a few at once, start taking action and focusing on getting used to those first initial changes, and once those become a habit (after a couple of weeks) implement a few more.

So follow the below, start taking action into doing these new things, and once you have them as part of your day to day, once they are habits, then start implementing the next set!

FIRST SET OF HEALTHY HABITS ✨ Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up ✨ Don’t skip breakfast ✨ Stick to healthy snacks from my list of healthy snack ideas (see list) ✨ Eat every two hours (snack or meal)


✨ Aside from the morning glass of water, make it a habit to drink a glass of water BEFORE every meal or snack

✨ Cut off processed foods: eat real food instead. Focus on eating the food that nourishes our bodies and minds with vitamins and minerals, and makes us feel good after we eat.

What are some examples of processed foods? Breakfast cereals, crisps, sausage rolls, pies and pasties, bacon, sausage, ham, salami; convenience foods such as microwave meals or ready meals, cakes and biscuits. You can make small exceptions (snack on a string cheese for example, but don't eat cereal for breakfast daily, and a ready-to-eat meal every night. You get the point).

Cutting off all processed food can be a big change for some people, so I am going to stop here for the second set of tips, try to master all the healthy habits above, and stay tuned for new healthy habits to add coming your way in 10 days!


Please note you don’t need to follow them all, you create the lifestyle that works for you. This is in hopes of giving you guidance and inspiration!


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