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Curb Walking To Induce: Why & How

Curb walking consists on walking with one foot on the curb (sidewalk) and one on the road. It forces you to have an uneven gait where you will notice the shift in your body weight much more with each step.

Does it induce labor? Not really. It only will if your baby & body is ready.

So then why do it? Well, this exercise may help your body prepare to deliver your baby by:

1. Allowing gravity to help your baby get deeper in your pelvis

2. Opening the pelvic outlet and gradually shifting baby down

3. Allowing baby’s head to put gentle pressure on your cervix

All of this above may help your baby be in a better position for a shorter labor, and may help your body dilate/efface.

What if it’s the winter and too cold or snowy/rainy outdoors? You can accomplish the same results with side-walking up and down the stairs. So, if you have them indoors, that’s’ a great alternative for winter babies, or mamas who have other kids and isn’t as easy to go outside.

When to do it? Remember, even though curb walking and walking in general are very effective at encouraging your baby to move in the right direction, they won’t necessarily bring on labor if your body isn’t ready to go into labor. But because curb walking tends to work best when your body has already begun the dilation process, many women start at 38-39 weeks. Do not start too early and always get green light by your medical team before hand.

How long? Listen to your body! The amount of time truly depends on your pregnancy and pre-existing fitness levels. Some do it 5min daily, some 30min daily. Avoid the hottest part of the day, don’t do it on slippery roads, and go slow if needed.

Who’s curb walked before?

How was your experience?

Will you be trying?

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