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Dealing/Avoiding Anxiety & New Mom Anxiety

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Worrying is a normal part of life, and has the potential to help us make good decisions. But when we become anxious from worrying, it becomes unhealthy. These habits & thoughts help me decrease anxiety:

▪️Remember it’s all in your head: your thoughts create anxiety. Most of the things you worry about have never happened.

▪️Take a time-out. It's impossible to think clearly when you're flooded with fear.

▪️ Spend more time in the present. When you spend time reliving the past you will start worrying about the future.

▪️ Eat healthy & exercise to feel more decisive and focused.

▪️ Limit alcohol and caffeine.

▪️ Take deep breaths. Do whatever you are doing right now but do it slower.

👶🏼 NEW MOM ANXIETY: Like postpartum depression, PP anxiety is a real thing. Worrying with a newborn is something nearly every new mom experiences: is the baby breathing? Why is the baby crying? Is this safe? Here are some affirmations that have helped me deal with these worries and avoid being anxious during the newborn stage:

▫️ The baby is safer in the bassinet all alone than laying with me while I am asleep.

▫️ The baby can wait a few quick minutes in a safe environment while I shower or do something and still be OK

▫️ The baby cries because it’s the only way he/she can communicate, nothing is wrong and there’s no need to get anxious (if it never stops identify what’s wrong with your pediatrician)

▫️ Your baby depends on YOU only, don’t get anxious because they are “needy”, pay attention to them, you are everything they have. Newborn babies think they are part of you still, they NEED constant cuddles

▫️ The Baby can feed off your energy, if you are stressed and anxious chances are they will get fussier and annoyed.

Remember to take care of your mind and body. Happy mom happy baby!


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