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Discovering Your Life Gift And Purpose

You have a gift in life. You may not know what it is yet. But you do ✨

Gifts give your life meaning, deepen and strengthen you. They are innate, powerful, and help fulfill your life purpose.

It may take a while to figure them out, which may leave you feeling empty. So finding & recognizing your gift is important. It will give you an immediate sense of fulfillment, of assurance that you are doing what you are meant to be doing. And the road to discovery is also a very fulfilling one.

How do you find out what your purpose is?

1. Start doing what you love, what you are passionate about!

2. Start being true to who you are. Don’t imitate others. Do you! Be you.

3. Use your strengths. Forget about your weaknesses. Use your expertise, those things that come naturally to you, your talents. The areas you are most knowledgeable in. What are you good at. Put that to work!

4. Always keep learning & improving those fields that you are passionate about & that you are naturally good at!

5. Do what motivates you. What comes to you naturally. What you dream of. What never leaves your mind and you keep coming back to.

You won’t just wake up one day and know what your gift is, but if you do all of the above you’ll naturally be shifted to discovering what you are meant to be doing in this life, your life will have a deeper meaning, and will impact others positively. The gift may be a combination of different things that make YOUR gift unique and yours.

I now know my gift is to empower others, to inspire others. To push others to pursue their dreams and to show them how. And especially know that my gift was meant to be used within the motherhood & female community. It came to me naturally, it happened organically while following my passion. It truly changes and helps people around me, fulfills me and gives my life a deeper meaning ✨

What’s your gift? Have you discovered it?


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