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Do You Need To Wait?

I have always gone after what I want, without waiting for the "right time"

Have I failed? Plenty! Do I end up succeeding? Not every single time. Worth it? Always.

Because I either learn from failures, try again, and ended up succeeding, or failures re-route me somewhere better, where I’m meant to be.

I often hear people tell me "when this happens then I will...”. But really, why wait?

The perfect time does not exist. If you want something today, don’t wait for tomorrow to begin.

✨I was 23 when I launched my own business, was I ready? Absolutely not. Did I learn how to become a business owner as I navigated the journey? Yes! Do I regret starting “too” early? Hell no!

✨When my business started picking up and growing like crazy, I decided I was ready for a baby. Did I ever doubt that it would make my business slow down prioritizing my mom life? Sure I did! Did it? Nope. Instead I learned how to work smarter not harder, and I’ve kept growing my business without sacrificing my time 24/7 to work as I did before.

✨Sofia was 3 months when she started traveling the world, we went to Barcelona to meet my family as her first trip. Was I ready to travel internationally with a baby? No! Did it go perfectly smoothly? No. Did we have the best time of our lives? YES. Did it get easier to travel with her as she grew? HELL NO! So again, why wait?

✨ I became a doula and started a new career that filled my soul and life gift. Was it “unconventional” to start something completely new later in life, maybe. Did it work? Absolutely!

So if you want something, a new goal, lifestyle, family, start working towards those goals today.

I’m SO proud I started everything

before I was truly ready! Why wait?

✔️Book that family trip, don’t be afraid

✔️Get that certificate, shift your career

✔️Join that class, explore your passions

✔️Send that message, don’t just think of them

✔️Leave that job with negativity or no flexibility

✔️Start that business to stay home with your kids and follow your dreams

What will you be starting today?


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