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Embracing Naps On The Go

When I was a first time mom I was bombarded by messages from “sleep experts” telling me exactly how to put my baby to sleep.

And one of the things they emphasized on is that she “needed” a perfect sleep environment. Always.

Pitch black darkness

White noise

Crib independence

The right temperature

The right clothes

And while that can work amazing for some, in reality, there are moms who are constantly on-the-go, moms who have other siblings and their days can’t revolve around the littles naps, moms who don’t have extra bedrooms, and moms who simply stress more following all of these “rules” and not their natural instinct of putting their baby to sleep in whatever environment works best for them both.

Because there’s no one mom lifestyle

There’s no one size fits all

There’s no one baby sleep pattern

There’s not one perfect sleep environment

The truth is, the most optimal sleep environment for your baby is whatever works for you both. As long as the baby is getting a great nap, who cares where and how?

And what those experts won’t tell you is that the MORE ways your baby knows where & how to get a great nap, the better!

I don’t know how I would’ve enjoyed motherhood if I couldn’t easily get my kids to take their 2h naps literally everywhere. With bright light & noise.

So mama, if you always want to do pitch black, crib, home naps. GREAT.

But if you want to do on-the-go naps

Beach naps

Contact naps

Stroller naps

Car naps

That’s great too.

Mama, do whatever works for you, your baby, your family. There’s enough to stress about. So make it easier on yourself 🤍✨


Hello! can you share how you install this. The fact that they sleep anywhere. thanks Laura!

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