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Essential Oils For Labor

Essential oils capture the essence of the plant and are quite potent. Different oils have different effects, including easing pain, anxiety and nausea. Here are the best ones for labor, PS: always make sure you regulate it properly and talk to your own provider first.

1. Peppermint: Energy & Nausea

It can give moms in labor a much needed boost of energy and help ease the nausea during the transition phase of labor, when your cervix becomes fully dilated.

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2. Red mandarin oil: Stress & Anxiety

It is great for reducing labor-related stress and anxiety.

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3. Lavender: Calming

The best calming properties, super popular for labor, it helps "rest" in between contractions.

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4. Clary Sage: Speed up labor & Ease pain

It is a very calming and grounding oil, great for promoting strong, regular contractions when a labor is a little slow, while helping to ease the pain.

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5. Ylang Ylang: Relaxation.

It encourages relaxation, slow breathing and lowers blood pressure.

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And a great little portable diffusser if you don't have one is this one: shop


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