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Expiring Relationships Can Help You Grow

I met Remi early 2014. She happened to work for a hospitality design firm who was looking for a PR firm.

She found my company, I went in for an interview and hired my services right away.

She has been one of my best LA friends ever since. We clicked from the start and hang out nonstop immediately.

But what I like the most of our 8+ year relationship is our EVOLUTION. Our parallel growth and mutual give.

You see, we met as two 25 year old girls in LA just beginning our careers, with not too many long term clear goals, but very excited, disciplined & creative driven.

We both grew our platforms, businesses and relationships next to each other. And not even once we’ve been jealous of each other, instead our personal & business wins have actually always motivated our individual paths, and we’ve been proud and happy for each other.

We have helped each other, no matter what, shared mutual business secrets, strategies, contacts... because we truly want to see each other succeed.

We are honest with each other, and will say things as they are, sometimes painful truths, but with the best intentions.

And although our businesses are different, our meetings always end up being a biz consultation on both ends, with personal & fun on the side. Plus, she genuinely loves my babies and plays w them like a true silly auntie.

I’m ALL about relationships expiring when you grow apart, when they don’t value you, when you give without receiving. Ending relationships is AMAZING it leaves room for growth, for better ones and better things to come that do actually help you grow, that bring you worth back.

But I’m not going to lie, it’s extra amazing to see reciprocal growth and relationships that don’t expire, that help you as much as you do, that listen as much as you do, that value and grow with you through so many different life stages.

So today, this is your reminder to value yourself, your time, and your relationships. They can help you grow, or they can bring you down ✨

Make sure they move you UP and don’t waste your precious time!


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