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Finally, A Clean, Pre & Postnatal Multivitamin that WORKS!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

The fact that other pre and postnatal supplements out there only absorb at 5-10% capacity is simply not enough, period. I know how much help moms need in every way possible, which is why I developed "Mom's Complete Multivitamin", finally a clean, natural and complete multivitamin for Preconception, pregnancy and postpartum that WORKS.

The ONLY one in the market made with Nutristack technology that delivers all nutrients and minerals straight to the bloodstream and cells, clinically proven to be 95% effective (vs 5-10% like other supplements).

I co-created this incredible product with 2x4 who invented Nutristack Liposomal technology, a mechanism that uses liposomes that wrap around the nutrients and protects them from breaking down (aka being lost through the journey); and delivers the nutrients directly to your bloodstream and cells, before releasing them exactly where they are needed. This technology that is clinically proven to increase nutrient absorption 15 times more than traditional supplements. Allowing the body to absorb up to 95% of the nutrients instead of pee-ing them out.

Because unfortunately, most supplements don't work, simply because they don’t absorb.

100% Natural & Clean Ingredients

It was really important to me that this product was all natural and free of chemicals, fillers, additives, pesticides, heavy metals, harmful pathogens...

Nutristack technology is a 100% natural process that does not use heat, pressure or chemicals.

And Mom's Complete Multi is a 100% natural and sugar-free product, made with no additives or fillers added either, only the best and most essential nutrients to effectively support your journey from pre conception, through pregnancy, postpartum & beyond!

To ensure that all ingredients are high quality and pure, they come directly from the source, from farmers in different parts of the world and are sourced in the most sustainable way, to have less impact on the environment.

Once the ingredients arrive at the lab, they are tested to ensure of the absence of contaminants, and once the solution is off production line, it's tested again to make sure it has not picked up any harmful pathogens or contaminants.

There is a zero-tolerance policy for harmful impurities, and third party tested!


This Pre & Postnatal multivitamin is made specifically for moms through....


Once you start thinking about trying to conceive, to help with ovary quality and prep the body for pregnancy


To help support a healthy pregnancy and fetal development


To help recover the body from birth (takes years!) and support the high breastfeeding nutrient demands

Beyond Mom Life

To help through the busy, stressful motherhood life, meeting our nutrient needs, helping us manage stress and anxiety, providing immune support and alertness and cognitive awareness

And we added two added extremely important benefits to support moms specifically, with herbal properties (safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding): ✔️Brain Clarity ✔️Stress Management

Plus, it's liquid and it tastes great (mango-pineapple, yum!), which means you can take easily as-is (extra important for those who have a hard time swallowing pills) and, it's shelf-stable, so you can take it anywhere, no fridge required.

The reason why you "only" need a teaspoon a day is because it's so effective, you don't need to be overdosing on a ton of vitamins like other supplements do. This is why you can also keep taking it beyond the early postpartum days and beyond breastfeeding, because it's the perfect amount of essential nutrients, that will also support your stressful and high demanding mom life.

It won't upset your stomach at all, because it d oes not break down the nutrients in your stomach, it directly goes to your cells and bloodstream where it's needed. So, you can take it with or without food. Anytime of the day. This means it's also great for those with nausea: it won't upset your stomach, and it's so quickly absorbed, even if you do vomit, your body will have absorbed the nutrients!


During the presale (for a limited time NOW) you'll get the single Mom's Multi bottle at 20% off, the subscription at 30% off, AND a single Magnesium bottle with Nutristack technology for FREE for the best magnesium efficiency.

Magnesium is one of my favorite supplements to take, and it's also so beneficial for pregnancy & postpartum support.

Reduces fetal growth restriction

Reduces preeclampsia

Protects fetal brain

Reduces inflammation and swelling

Eases muscle tension

Lowers blood pressure

Keeps bones healthy

Helps with sleep quality

Helps sharpen brain function

Helps manage stress

And although Mom's Multi has some magnesium in it, the dosage is low as this supplement can't be mixed with other nutrients and minerals in higher dose, as it can act like a bully to them and does not blend in nicely. So, it's ideal to take it on its own, right before bed to help sleep quality. While Mom's Complete Multi can be taken anytime of the day.

More questions? Watch this LIVE with Dr Mallory Blair, CEO and founder at 2x4


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