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Friendships After Becoming A Mom

Let’s talk about friendship after becoming a mom. Because it’s true: You lose some existing friends and you gain some new ones.

Losing existing friends is normal. As your life’s priorities and activities change, you can expect to lose those friends who you see on more of a social setting, or those who are not necessarily interested In hanging out with babies or kids. Etc. The difficulty and surprise comes when you end up losing friends you could have sworn would be your soul mate for life. Those who you’d think they’d be totally understanding of your new situation. But it’s happened to me, so I guess it does happen. And reality is, when a really important friendship ends after you've had children, and you’ve tried your best, you do... move on.

On the other hand: how beautiful is it to see your old friendships become even more special after you have kids. Seeing your best friends love your baby so so much and understanding your new schedules. My take away after this first year as a mom is that if two people truly have a bond, one that is based on real intimacy and love, that bond may be able to be repaired as life circumstances change.

And how amazing it is to see that we can quickly develop NEW friendships with other parents too. How we just get each other without having to give any explanation.

Adult friendships are important for all grownups, but I feel like friendship and support is especially crucial for parents. And although we may lose some with our new roles, we also build stronger relationships with our existing ones, and that’s part of


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