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Get Rid of That Mom Pooch with these Deep Core Moves


Deep core refers to the deepest layer of your abdominals - the transverse abs which lies under your 6 pack muscles and serves as the “corset” of your midsection, wrapping around your belly and waist.

Why should you incorporate these into your life?

1. Helps heal or prevent the worsening of diastasis recti (abdominal separation) aka also help indirectly get rid of that “mom pooch”

2. Helps the uterus push your baby out in active labor

3. Aids in a quicker postpartum recovery and safety as you return to exercise

4. Creates better stability which decreases the risk of injury, back pain, and other common aches/pains

5. Supports pelvic floor health

6. Stabilizes your pelvis, resulting in less pelvic pain during pregnancy

7. Can prevent or reduce backaches, pelvic pain & overall discomfort

It is truly never too late to begin working on your deep core (but if you have the chance, I highly recommend doing so BEFORE or during pregnancy, to minimize and prevent issues ahead & have a smoother postpartum recovery).

If you have a bigger concerning issue like prolapse, intense bladder leaks or a big DR gap I do recommend going to get assessed by a specialized therapist in your area.🚨With a pregnant belly, I would modify to fully pregnancy deep core moves.

And if you bloat on occasion try these detox and debloat all natural pills, code 15LAURA for 15% off! They relief abdominal bloating, relieve digestive discomfort and support the liver function and health (its cleansing and detoxification process). NonGMO & Vegan.


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