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Get Through A Balanced Healthy Holiday

The holidays are officially here, and with all the extra eating, sweets & snacking, its easy to fall off a healthy eating routine, and having to start all over with healthy habits in January is not a good way to start the new year!

Here are my top tips to get through a balanced healthy holiday:

1. Don't go into a holiday party hungry. Eat a healthy meal before leaving the house. That way you will snack on treats, but you won't devour them! And if you have a holiday meal, have a high protein meal or snack before too (a protein shake, a fish salad, scrambled eggs and veggies...). And eat regularly through the day (every 2h)/

2. Drink tons of water during holiday parties and meals! You will get fuller faster and will want smaller portions.

3. Don't stand next to the food at parties. Which is usual to do. But chances are, you will snack more! Keep your distance.

4. Bring a mint or gum to holiday parties, it will help you avoid extra snacking once you are full.

5. Don't drink your calories, understand that two glasses of alcohol and eggnog have a quick 500 calories. If you want to drink, be more mindful of what you eat. And vice versa. Drink more water in between drinks & avoid alcohol on an empty stomach.

6. Choose where to spend your calories. Enjoy the treats you love. Don't eat apple pie just because, eat it if you like it, for real. Choose those foods you truly enjoy.

7. Go to the gym, for a run or do a home workout the day you have a holiday party or meal. Before attending. If you feel fit post workout, you will also make better food choices.

8. Don't buy holiday treats for the house. There are TONS of parties, events and meals to attend during the holiday MONTH so you can avoid having those bad snacks laying around the house.

9. Learn to make healthy version of holiday meals/snacks: use less ingredients rich in saturated fats and cholesterol, use alternatives like olive or coconut oil instead of butter for example. And think of things like preparing lighter dishes with fish instead of red meat. Steam instead of fry. And adding more vegetable options.

10. The holidays are EXTRA BUSY! All these events, work, shopping, travels, friends that are in town... it's always hectic. This usually means that you can't focus on healthy eating on a day to day basis as much as during your daily routine. Plan ahead: book a healthy meal prep delivery service. I use Cateredfit, they deliver meals to my doorstep DAILY. Which means I get fresh and healthy meals that are ready to eat. I don't have to think of portion control, grocery shopping, researching new recipes or if they are healthy or not. Much less to worry about so I can focus on my busy days, I don't skip meals, and I know that I can treat myself to some holiday snacks because I am staying on track the majority of the time, without extra sacrifice. Also: the more sugar you eat the more you crave it, so having your healthy meals delivered and ready to eat MAKES you stay on track! * If you are in CA or FL = Try Cateredfit with my code PRBOSSBABE for a discount.


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