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Gut, Immunity & Beauty Health From a Cellular Level, From Within

I started taking this product (code LAURA15) back in November 2023 and I have not stopped because it's that good. I immediately noticed many results. It's truly my health holy grail.

Armra is colostrum = that as you all know is extremley nutrient dense. It is a bioactive whole food that optimizes your microbiome and strengthens your gut wall barrier.


  • Reduced bloating

  • Better digestion

  • More regular

  • Less sugar cravings

  • Improved skin elasticity

  • Increased skin hydration

  • Combat acne

  • Clear radiant complexion

  • Combat age related changes

  • Stronger immunity

  • Fuller, thicker hair

  • Better focus

  • Better mood

  • Better energy

  • Increased performance

  • Better recovery

  • Increased lean muscle mass

  • Faster tissue repair

I take 4 servings daily, 3-4 servings is recommended daily but because it is a bioactive whole food, you can take more. I like the unflavored version I have seen others put in water but I like it as is!

Plus it substituted my collagen: this gives me the hair & skin benefits, but much better on a cellular level to transform your health inside an out.

Why its better than other colostrums:

  • ARMRA Colostrum is the most potent bioavailable, sustainably sourced colostrum on the market.

  • It's also made using low heat to protect all of the nutrients in their most pure and potent form.

  • And it removes compounds humans don't need like casein and fat, making it the only colostrum perfectly matched for human health.

If you want to shop and feel all the benefits yourself, use my code LAURA15 for 15% off your order SHOP HERE


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