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Hacks & Tips For A Sunny Vacay With Kids

1. Keep long sleeves (SPF proof) and hat on, when under the direct sunlight especially during peak hours.

2. Change swim diaper as soon as you are out of the water, even if you only used it for 10min.

3. Minimize direct sun exposure during peak hours, usually from noon to 3pm.

4. Bring a water bottle spray with ice and water to spray and keep baby cool, if needed.

5. Keep the sunscreen in the cooler to cool-off baby's temperature when you apply.

6. Remove wet swimwear if breezy & cool after the water, and change for a dry one, or change of clothes.

7. Bring a big bag to carry the essentials, comfortably, and have everything handy: teething toys, snacks, change of swim, swim & regular diapers, change of clothes, hat, towel, shoes, phone, wallet...

8. Use a nontoxic baby sunscreen. Reapply as often as needed.

9. Take naps in the room, or in a shaded breezy spot.

10. At night, after a sunny day, bath baby with apple cider vinegar to sooth the skin from the sun.


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