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Hawaiian Airlines Vs Alaska Airlines

We flew to Hawaii with Hawaiian Airlines and came back with Alaska Airlines just because each one had best flying times based on Sofias schedule, to make it more manageable.

And since we flew with two different airlines, one each way, I thought it would be fun to compare them, for those of you planning on flying to Hawaii, since these two are the two main airlines that fly this itinerary.

Hawaiian Airlines

1. Much Bigger plane

2. First class has pod seats with full lay down beds, much more comfy

3. They serve a complementary MEAL in economy too, and snacks/drinks

4. Economy seats lay back much more

5. Great movie selection & individual screens in each seat in economy too

6. First class ticket is much more expensive, and the upgrade too, but economy is aground the same as Alaska

Alaska Airlines

1. Much Smaller plane

2. First class is just much more spacious than economy, but doesn’t offer a lay down bed

3. Economy seats decline, but not as much as Hawaiian, just a tiny bit

4. They don’t serve a complementary meal, just complementary snacks and drinks

5. They don’t have individual TVs in economy, you can use their app on the phone to watch their movies

6. First class ticket is cheaper and the upgrade is cheaper too, but it’s not as nice

None have WiFi service because the itinerary flies over water.

They both have always been really prop on time and an overall we had a nice experience with both airlines, every time we’ve flown.

I still would recommend booking based on the schedule & price if theres really a big difference.


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