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Hotel Sleeping Arrangements As A Family Of Four

This was our first time traveling as 4 and sharing a room!

One thing I loved about traveling as 3 was how Sofia got used to sleeping anywhere, with us, and in other beds/cribs. Because we did it so often!

So as a family of 4, I really want to get everyone used to sleeping in one room while traveling. To me it makes the trip more fun, like a big slumber party, yet still getting a good night sleep (if everyone is used to it) and of course, makes the trip more affordable.

There’s tons of options but here’s what I did:

I got a room with two double beds.

Sofia has NOT been sleeping in a crib for a LONG time now, she sleeps on a queen bed in her room. So we brought her foam bed bumpers and got a room with two double beds, and gave her one, adding the bumpers! She was as happy and comfy as she could be and slept perfectly.

Then us (mom & dad) slept in the other double bed.

As for Beckham, since he is sleeping in a bassinet at home, not a crib yet, I decided to have him sleep in the UPPA Baby VISTA Bassinet, which is suited for overnight sleep, and I was bringing to the roadtrip with us anyways!

Here are the safety measures for it:

1. If you don’t have the stand, place Bassinet on flat surface like floor where it can’t fall, as long as it’s dry

2. They recommend opening all ventilation, including the one in the canopy. Open the vent on the underside of the bassinet for added airflow – it’s under where baby’s head would be and secured with Velcro

When he grows out of the Bassinet, I will just ask the hotel for a crib, and later when he grows out of the crib, Sofia & Beckham can share the other bed!

It was actually SO fun being all together, and we all slept great. Sofia & daddy did not wake when I woke up at night to feed B (I get him quick), and of course B & I did not "sleep in" like we usually do until 8 (Sofia wakes with daddy ‪at 6am‬) so we all woke up at 6, however we all went to bed extra early, after the full fun beach day, so we still got a good night sleep.

OTHER combo options you can do as a new fam of 4:

1. King bed + add a rollaway bed for the toddler + crib/bassinet for the baby

2. King bed + crib for toddler + bassinet for baby

3. King bed + two cribs

4. Two connected rooms

Ultimately, whatever works for your family!


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