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How Daddy Take Over The Nighttime Routine And What They Do

As I mentioned, after two years of mommy nighttime routine duty, daddy took over!

It was a really smooth transition because it happened organically. As you may remember, I got the flu in January and was stuck in my room for 48h during the whole weekend until my fever was gone. That forced us to have daddy take over Sofia all weekend which meant nighttime too. She didn’t see me so she was totally fine. Which made me realize, maybe it was time for him to take over as we are getting ready to welcome another baby!

It’s been 3 months now and a total game changer for many reasons.

1. It helped wean off naturally and organically since she lost the habit.

2. It gives them good quality one on one time.

3. It’s helping me though pregnancy.

4. It will allow me to feed the newborn 24/7 and go to bed early through pregnancy and postpartum stage when I’m up all night.


7-730p We all have family time/cook

7:30-8p We all have dinner

8p They both go upstairs and take a bath

8:30p They get in her toddler bed and read books

9p (9:30p latest) She’s sleeping

No, we didn’t substitute my milk for any other. It was a totally different person putting her to sleep so she didn’t associate that to the new night routine.

They both have so much fun. As she grows daddy can take over more things with Sofia, I’ve seen a huge difference after she turned two.


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