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How I Find Time For Everything

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

If it wasn’t enough balancing a hectic whirlwind of activities, we now also have to squeeze in a new exciting concept “Family Time”.

Balancing it all can definitely be overwhelming and it’s all about finding & blocking out time. And also knowing you may have to be flexible occasionally.

Here’s how I organize my top activities at this stage:

▪️ BABY: she rules my day. Anytime she needs me I am with her and I do everything around her naps.

▪️ WORK: depending on where/what Sofia is doing I either a) I do work from my iPad / phone (as I can easily handle my client’s Social media, get back to emails, write pitches, edit photos...) or b) work from my office/computer to get other type of work done (documents, contracts, web design, newsletters, press releases....). Please note work is ALWAYS interrupted so a specific time can’t be blocked now!

▪️ FITNESS: I go on week nights (for an hour sometime between 7-9pm) when my husband is home with Sofia. Or weekends whenever I can.

▪️ HOUSEHOLD: we try to pick up after everything we do, so there’s never a big mess. We also hire maids to deep clean which is a great investment so we can focus our “free” time on work!

▪️ FAMILY TIME: We are blocking out special activities like bath time & meals out together, but every weekend we make sure we find one or two family activities (park day, beach day, hike, event, farmers market....).

▪️ PARTNER TIME: Now that Sofia is older we do the night movie & cuddles alone when she is sleeping. We’ll soon start date nights, when we feel okay with having occasional baby sitting night (as we don't have family in town).

▪️ TRAVEL: it's part of our life, and we will make sure that doesn’t end. Planning two big trips a year & getaways as often as we can!

▪️ FRIENDS: I now see them for lunch, which is a great work break and they get to see Sofia too! I often choose to take the food to-go and go have a picnic in a park instead of staying at the restaurant, so Sofia can play more freely!


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