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How I Find Time For Fitness With A Baby

Although it is hard to juggle, it is my priority to keep fitness a part of my daily life and routine. It gives me energy, enhances my mood, boosts my brain productivity, inspires me, challenges me, makes me feel strong inside and out, it's a way of releasing stress, and gives me the much needed "me time". I knew I would find a way, and I did.

Here's what works for me:

- I don't schedule my days off: I try to go every day, and then when I logistically can't make it, I don't stress about it: that's my day off. One or two rest days are needed. If I scheduled my days off, something most likely would come up on a "workout day" (I would be tired or Sofia would need more attention for example) and I would end up going less days.

- I don't necessary skip weekends. We are usually more flexible with work on weekends, and we can manage to give each other more gym time then! I know this is the time where you want to do more activities but if fitness is a priority you'll want to take advantage of it!

- Make gym time, "me time": With a baby and work (or even with just one of the two) you'll want to take a break, mentally. If you make the gym a place where you can disconnect, where you play your music and are in your own world, you'll get both a workout and time off! Which will make you crave it even more. This is why I like going at nights, when I crave a break way more than in the morning. However, I know a lot of people love a morning workout to get it over with, so do what works for you and your schedule.

- Adapt as the baby grows: When Sofia was 1 month, I couldn't make it to the gym until very late at 9pm, it sucked, but I really was looking forward it so I did not care. She was having the witching hours and never stopped crying in the evenings so we had to be a team and sooth her as much as we could until she fell asleep around that time. I was exhausted but it made me feel so good and made it seem like I was starting to get my routine back. Later at 2.5/3months, I was able to go slightly sooner around 7/8pm, after I put her down for the night, as she was breastfeeding so often and pumping daily wasn't easy, and the first stretch of the night was the longest. After 4 months (and during/after the sleep regression) I started going around 5ish, as soon as my husband could, because she did not need to feed so often so she could be up playing with my husband and come back right in time for dinner, bath and bed. Now I always go around that time still. See my full schedule here.

- Find a gym with a kids club: My gym's kids club accepts babies starting at 3months, I have only taken Sofia only three times (from 6-9m), not many because I love how daddy gets bonding time with Sofia when I am gone (they do their walks and play time and it's so cute). But, I do have to depend on when he can watch her to go, which not always works. So having that option is great and may work for a lot of moms out there! Cheaper than a nanny, your baby is right there with you in case he/she needs you, they get to interact with other babies for a little bit and play with new toys. I just would not take my baby before she could sit & the 6 month mark so her immune system is stronger.

- Eating healthy and staying energized: Finally, and as always, eating healthy is the KEY to wanting to go to the gym daily. If I feel healthy, strong and lean, I crave being active. Eating healthy also lifts my mood and makes me want the activity. If I felt heavy, bloated, and full of unhealthy foods, I would feel more moody, lazy and tired. So again I delegate my healthy meals to Cateredfit who delivers fresh (not frozen) meals directly to my doorstep every single day! So I can make healthy lean decisions even with my crazy busy life and have the energy and fuel to get a good workout in at the end of the day, and feel great too! PS. You can get a discount using my code PRBOSSBABE!


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