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How I Keep Myself Accountable & Meet My Goals

I’ve been asked this on numerous occasions and I personally feel like this is more of a lifestyle habit that you slowly have to accomplish and make part of your every day routine.

But I feel like a lot of you have problems with this, as it's a question I get asked on the daily, so I narrowed it down to the top points I think help achieve self-accountability.

1. Know your mission & have the right mindset. Know your WHY and remind it to yourself daily. if you know why you are doing something, you'll most likely do it. For ex, some days I am zero motivated and energized to go to the gym, but I know my why: to feel better inside & out, to get energy, to feel stronger, to de-stress. And I remember that feeling and that day to day goal, and I push through and do it!

2. Create a schedule/time slots and commit. Of course, this is trickier with a baby that can all of the sudden change your plans and schedule. But be flexible and learn how to work around those last minute changes. Create a flexible schedule that works for your lifestyle. Get ideas from others, do trial and error, see what works and commit to it. For example, I have two times where the gym works and depending on the day I do one or the other. Having options but knowing that skipping is not one of them is what works for me! I am committed. Plan your workouts & friend meetings like you are planning a work meeting: commit.

3. Do something you are passionate about or that is directing you to that place of passion. Of course sometimes the road to your passion isn't exciting, you have to intern to start, you have to take on beginner jobs, or you'll have to do a side part time job that isn't in your field of passion. However, if you remember your end goal, if you have a plan and dream and what you are currently doing is somehow helping you get there, you'll most likely keep going!

4. Set constant new goals that grow with you, including micro goals. Short and long term goals are so important. Write down daily, weekly & monthly goals. This is why I love to have my Passion Planner because it gets me focused on those micro and long term goals and makes me commit to them and create actions that will get me there!

5. Reward yourself during stressful weeks and days too and reward your milestones. During stressful weeks packed with crazy work schedule or events, or weeks where Sofia is extra fussy and clingy, I schedule some extra self care and pampering like massages or facials. We also work 7 days a week so we love to schedule getaways every 4-6 weeks, even if it's a 3 day weekend away. Scheduling those in is a must for us because we come back craving a routine and on crazy work mode again. Breaking the discipline and rewards works!

6. Share your goal. The more people around you that know about them, the more accountability you’ll have with yourself. If my good friends know my goal is to do X they'll keep asking me about it and checking in, they'll keep me in track too!

7. Review your performance and analyze what needs to improve and where you need help. Be honest with yourself and see wat changes need to be done for you to keep on track! Everyone is different so everyone needs different type of help. Some people need a coach or a mentor to move forward, set goals, understand what direction to take, for example.

8. Don’t use excuses. Look for solutions to problems & move on. Don't get stuck in complaining or wining.

9. Have positive people around you that support your lifestyle, goals and mission. And that won’t influence yourself negatively. I have to skip SO MANY parties! You don't even understand. But my goals are more important than parties, and my friends have to understand. I set 3 friend meetings per week where I def make it, because it works for MY schedule, but if someone has a party at a random time and I can't make it, my goals come firs. I am still a good friend and that won't affect a good friendship.

10. Prepare what you need in advanced. I always meal prep, have healthy options, have meetings prepped, know what I want to wear, online grocery shop days in advanced... planning ahead helps keep on track, on a major level!


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