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How I Keep Up With A Business, Baby AND Blog Too

Let's start by highlighting the fact that I am a business owner of EIGHT years. I don’t have a full time job. I don’t have a boss or set hours to be at an office. I have a business that has been up and running for years. I get to choose when I work. I get to delegate easier chores to do things I want to do instead.

This is important to understand. Every thing that can be delegated, I delegate to give me time to do what I either NEED or WANT to do.

For example I DONT + do research and data base + do follow up calls + do errands

Instead I do things I can’t delegate like + creativity & brainstorm + client design and strategies + client meetings + newsletters and pitches

These are things I do around her naps, after her bed time, when someone plays with her, or eventually, when she goes to preschool.

And the time I gain from delegating, I get to be with Sofia instead of doing the smaller (yet as important) chores.

Now, the IG & blog are a personal (also work type) projects that give me a huge passion & satisfaction . I treat it as a client because without consistency, they don’t work and wouldn’t be worth my time. I do it because I do LOVE it AND it just blends easily with my line of work. It’s also something I CAN do with Sofia & with the lifestyle I choose to have, traveling & w Sofia!

+ when I’m breastfeeding I write posts, I reply to DMs, I edit pics + when we travel and are on a car or plane and she is napping, I write content or edit photos + when we are out and about having fun, doing activities, or traveling, we take pretty photo content + when I warm up on the stepper I write content

The other day I read BF for a year equals in hours to a full time job!

The Ig & blog are things I can do with my new mom + travel lifestyle. The work chores that I mentioned (either delegating or my own), I can’t do with Sofia.

I to delegate more, be able to do more of another passion of mine because I can do more of that with Sofia AND traveling. Which I knew I wanted to do a lot of when I had kids.

This is how I do it because it fulfills me. Do what fulfils you!


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