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How I’m Expanding My Doula Services!

My mission as a doula has always been to support and guide you from pre conception through birth AND postpartum, 360, every step of the journey. With education, empowerment, mindset, resources and an organizational road-map approach.

And as a doula, I am able to provide you with tons of evidence-based education on pregnancy and postpartum nutrition for overall healthy foods to ensure you know how to fuel your through pregnancy and postpartum too, for your health, recovery and energy.

And I do go into detail on it through my courses.

But ever since I got my doula certification and launched my courses, I have been thinking on taking it up a notch when it comes to nutrition, not only with even more detailed education but with more practical content too, because I know of the HUGE role that it plays for our health, mind and body, through the WHOLE journey.

So.... I enrolled in a Pregnancy Nutrition Certification & a Postpartum Nutrition Certification and I am starting next week. Eeek!

I know life is already hectic with multiple businesses and babies, but I am committed to studying every night after putting the kids to sleep so I can graduate both certificates by the end of the year.

This will not only bring you even more detailed pregnancy & postpartum nutrition content here on my platforms, to help you feel and be at your best from within, but this also means my Pre Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Birth AND Postpartum on-demand doula courses that I am currently offering will expand their content to provide you EVEN more detailed and practical nutrition information, to help you replenish through this transformative & critical stage.

Cannot wait to back up & expand my already existing knowledge on this subject that I am so deeply passionate about.

Stay tuned for lots of amazing helpful content here too!


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