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How I Plan My Weeks

I spend 2 to 3 hours every weekend just planning the week.

Some people may think it's a waste of time and they could do something more productive or fun instead, but the truth is there is absolutely no way I would be so productive keeping up with my business and a toddler if I did not plan my days + weeks properly, in advanced.

So what do I do?

+ Big list of my weekly goals and to-dos + Highlight my priorities + Pick the chores that I can delegate + Assign who does what chore + Set client meetings + Schedule assistant/team meetings + Pick daily outing activities to do with Sofia + Schedule gym times for each day + Schedule my hair wash days + Schedule a friend meeting or two

Once the week is planned I also feel better about "the huge list of things that needs to get done" and the anxiety/overwhelming feeling of having so much to do is completely gone! Which is a must for me too.

Sure, a baby/toddler often throws my schedule off (naps don't always happen at the exact time, and random off-schedule days happen too, just because) but I need to know exactly what to tackle in the little windows, and assign chores that my team can do for me in order to keep my business growing (not only afloat) and spend my days with Sofia because preschool is seriously around the corner. Look how big she is!

Bottom line, my philosophy is: plan every little detail, and be flexible / have an open mind while following the plan through the week. Small blocks of time assigned to specific goals usually work best to be time productive too.

Remember, you can download & print all my free planners here.


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