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How I Started To Prep Sofia To Be A Big Sister

I always say, even if we still see them little, at this age they do understand more than we think.

I’ve been talking to her about the baby coming for a few months now, every day since I found out. I tell her that she will have to help and take care of the baby with me because she will be the big sister and she sounds excited for her role. She says she wants to help and I’ve been asking her to do things around the the house and she’s surprisingly doing them proudly.

I also tell her where the baby will go (show her the swing, the bassinet... things that were Sofias) and of course, tell her that the baby is in my growing belly, and she tells him “guapo” and gives him kisses.

I also think that, as we prep the house for the baby’s arrival (we have not done a thing yet) it may become more “real” for her, and she’ll be a few months older by the time he is here, so she’ll even understand more then. They learn so much in such short time!

Finally, Sofia is also a very naturally nurturing girl. She’s always been drawn to babies (real and dolls) and has always wanted to take care of them. For example, at the gyms kids club, if there’s a baby crying, she’ll bring a toy or want to rock their chair or pet their head, and tell them that “it’s ok”. So I think her nurturing personality also will help.

However, I completely understand that having the baby home, and all the changes that come with, can be totally different experiences. And that you never know how they will react. So I’m definitely not expecting anything, and will take it a day at a time.

My goal is for her to feel involved and needed, and also be able to spend alone time with her after the baby comes. Taking turns with hubby to do one on one activities, not only full family ones.

I of course will always update you on things I do and how things go. So far, this is how!


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