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How To Avoid Or Minimize Postpartum Mood Disorders

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Postpartum mood disorders are experienced by 50% to 75% of moms after birth, and they can be prevented or at least, minimized, and preparing is KEY. How?

✔️ Getting into the right headspace to gain CONFIDENCE to TRUST your OWN mom intuition and listen to your baby’s needs versus worrying, doubting and listening to external unsolicited advice.

✔️Knowing how to nourish your body through pregnancy and postpartum to boost your MOOD and ENERGY levels (without the coffee, that can contribute to depression, anxiety and stress) and recover right.

✔️ Understanding how to take care of ourselves properly while still prioritizing taking care of a newborn first.

✔️ Preparing body, mind and soul for an empowered birth. Being educated on ALL your options, so you can have a proper conversation with your provider. So you can advocate for what YOU want, yet preparing for all other scenarios as plan Bs for a positive birth experience no matter what!

✔️ Making a real plan to have everything in place so you can focus on what’s important: you and your baby! Knowing how to delegate, communicating your needs, not feeling overwhelmed needing to please people during YOUR special time.

✔️ Setting realistic expectations of new family dynamics, newborn life, new siblings... to feel calm and relaxed and enjoy the journey.

✔️ Planning for maternity leave vs not, and fueling your brain and motivation through postpartum.

✔️ Educating yourself on newborn + nursing, advancing to the challenges with solutions and resources, to feel confident in your actions, because you are made to be the mama of that baby.

✔️ And understanding what’s normal and what’s a red flag, so you can remove unnecessary worries.

We cover everything above in my Postpartum Planning & Mom Care course made to empower you for the whole journey, to give you the right knowledge and feel prepared and confident to navigate motherhood with your intuition leading the way ✨

I hope to empower your journey!

See you in class 💻🤍

You can also enroll in Postpartum Plan here to learn how to make a personalized plan for postpartum for the smoothest postpartum transition, as well as how to prepare your mindset shift to go with the flow and ease into the unexpected!

For the FULL Master Bundle of all 5 Pregnancy and Postpartum Courses, for 360 preparation from pre pregnancy, through all pregnancy, birth and postpartum: enroll here


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