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How To Choose A Stroller

Updated: May 14, 2020

There are so many things to consider.

This is how to narrow down the perfect stroller for YOU and what you should know when you go to the store or search.

1. Know your budget. 2. What are you going to use your stroller for? Walks around the neighborhood, hikes, business meetings, restaurant outings, shopping... each situation requires certain features. 3. Do you have a particular car seat in mind? 4. What terrain are you going to be strolling on? For type of suspension & tires.

On top of these keep in mind: ✔️ Underneath basket space

✔️ Folds Comfortably

✔️ Fits in your car ✔️ Travel system

✔️ It has compartments for your needs (like a cup holder is important for me) ✔️ If you plan on more kids: get a neutral color and a stroller that will last long (invest more) so you can re use for the next!

✔️ Know what other special features you care about: one hand fold, machine washable seats, peekaboo window, adjustable handle...

I also recommend looking at the strollers online before you go to test them out at the store, because you most likely see things you like through lifestyle photos, and you can narrow down those that you like first, and then compare the features within the ones you have liked only. There are TOO MANY!


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