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How To Deal With Negativity & Haters

We all struggle with negativity around us and people who judge or hate on us for whatever the reason it may be. I have grown to understand that those people will always be there, so we just have to learn to deal with it the best way possible.

Here are some ways how:

1. Ignore. Focus on you, on your path, on your road, on your goals, on your mission and direction. Remember why you are doing the things you are doing, remember where you are going. Focus on your strengths, your goals and your day to day actions and activities that will get you moving forward. If you are busy, if you are motivated, if you are determined, you will be too busy to worry about anything else. If you don't have a goal, plan or path, maybe this is the time to come up with one, search for your next step, focus on learning and growing. Keep busy with what fulfils you, and nothing else will matter. It will be easier to ignore.

2. Block/remove them from your life. It is easy to remove people from your life. If they don't add value, if they don't have any positive vibes to give you, then why have them around (present or online).

3. When ignoring or removing is not an option, address them. Approaching the situation directly may help release the jealous tension. Have a conversation to confront them about their behavior. "I want to have a positive working relationship; what can I do to help promote that environment?" "While I appreciate your constructive criticisms, I feel that you sometimes come across a little harsh" for example. While you don't want to be rude and upset the person further, making them aware of how they are making you feel may cause them to change their behavior.

4. Remember that people who are negative toward others are people who are not happy with themselves. Negative people are the ones with a problem, not you.

5. Remember that people who are jealous want something that you have. You are not doing anything wrong. Remember that there is no need to get jealous, if you see someone who has built a lifestyle that you want, or that has something that you want, get motivated! See how they accomplished it, get ideas, get inspired, not jealous. Don’t allow a jealous person to affect your confidence or to create self doubt.

6. Connect with them about your personal struggles. Some people feel like they are the only ones who have negative experiences. Opening up about your own personal difficulties may help them realize they are not alone and improve your relationship.


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