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How To Enjoy Every Parenting Phase To The Fullest

And although I can’t remember life without this big role I now have, it’s also only been 3 years out of 33 (and 3 out of 38 for my husband).

So when someone asks me how I have the energy to be with them all day. Or why don’t we get more mom & dad alone time, other than when they go to sleep. I remind them of what’s on my mind: it’s all temporary!

Now, that doesn’t mean I’m sacrificing all my alone time or self care. I’m aware that everything is important and much needed to survive parenting. We need the balance and to take care of ourselves too.

However, I’m okay prioritizing them or delegating help somewhere else to be with them more (because I prefer to do so), and acknowledging that we may have more family of 4 time than couple time right now, and that is okay to me.

Because sooner than I think, they’ll have wings to fly and my focus will change again. I think life is all about phases, and this is the stage I’m in now.

Its been 3 intense mommy-focus years, and although I’m going to be a mom for the rest of my life, they won’t need me forever.

So if you are struggling with your new role. If you think your life has completely changed. Or if you are worried that you are too consumed on the mom life. Remember to embrace it and soak it in, as well as to know when to put your oxygen mask first to recharge, when to reorganize delegating, and to create a plan that lets YOU thrive and truly enjoy the parenting ride.

Because of the sudden, we will have more time alone, and these more intense parenting years will be over. It’ll be different. Always amazing. But different! So make the best of each moment and phase 💫


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