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How To Find Time For You Postpartum

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

The first few weeks of motherhood are beautiful yet hectic, we do WAY too much; adjusting to changes to our bodies and experiencing the ups and downs of hormones, while caring for our demanding newborns, housework, and for some like me, even work. We can all agree finding time for YOU is extremely difficult. But finding ways to relax is SO important. Here are a few things that can help:

▪️ Order food, order a meal prep delivery service or have someone come cook for you (friends/family: put them to work when they visit if you do have visitors). My hubby is my chef and I also order Cateredfit which is a meal prep delivery service that caters to CA & FL, they send you fresh meals every day (not frozen) and you can choose exactly what you get, plus they have tons of dietary restriction options such as pescatarian, vegan, paleo, classic... You can use my code PRBOSSBABE for a discount!

▪️ Get a Massage: Great to reduce stress, relieve pain and muscle tension. Through postpartum more than ever, I use the priv app, because they come to your home. So I don't have to leave my baby or leave the house muself. I get their 60min massage (FYI they also offer prenatal massages). You can use code BOSSBABE for a $10 off your first service (all their prices include tip, great deals and top spa services from home!).

▪️ Get a facial or mani / pedi: feeling good insight is extra important, but if you can also feel better on the outside it is a plus. Pampering yourself here and there is so important. I also used the app mentioned above because they also offer these services (as well as haircut, etc) so I do not have tp leave the comfort of my home on busy days or postpartum.

▪️ Have some adult conversations: via FaceTime, have a friend come over, meet for coffee... Catching up with friends and getting your mind out of the newborn bubble will also do you good.

▪️ Connect with other newborn moms: online or in person. Talking to people who you can relate to and see that you are not alone going through it all, will help release stress too.

▪️ Crave alone time. Even if it’s from home, have daddy get skin to skin / alone time with baby for 30min will do them as much good as it will do you: try to take a bath, a shower longer than 30seconds, blow dry your hair, put a moisturizing mask on, read a book...

Try doing these as often as you can (Def hard to do daily, but squeeze some weekly) we deserve it and need to take care of ourselves to be able to keep up and deliver!


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