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How To Get Adult Time during a Weekend trip with Kids

Nathan & I had a joint Bachelor + Bachelorette in Vegas and we couldn't leave the kids behind in LA. Well.. we could if we wanted to. But here's the thing:

1) We didn’t want to

2) We didn’t really have anyone to leave them with (if we had family in LA maybe we'd feel different now. But we just don't have the option)

3) We found the perfect way to be able to do both!

I asked my friend Raquel to come to Vegas with us. She is also from Spain, lives in LA. I met her in 2012! She's 40+ and an amazing Hollywood movie journalist, and part time nanny for the past 20+ years. I trust her. We love her. She was excited for the trip. So... we brought her to Vegas!

Here are our details and boundaries:

- We paid for her flights, food and hotel (extra room)

- We paid for every hour she was with our kids alone (during one dinner + one midday activity + then we also took advantage of her being there to go to the spa one morning)

- Every other hour, the grand majority, we were with the kids and she was ”off” meaning, she was not getting paid for those hours and she was free to do whatever she wanted (come with us or go do something on her own, although since she’s my friend she came with us a lot of the times or rested in her room).

If you prefer to have a nanny come with you and help at all times, not just when you are gone, you can also establish a fixed rate for the whole weekend + expenses paid.

Other ideas to have adult time during a trip?

  • Get a nanny through the hotel nanny service or referral

  • Use the hotels kids club if they have one

  • Get a nanny referral contact from a friend on location

  • Bring a family member that won’t charge you and pay for their stay :)

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