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How To Get Through The Hard Mom Days

I know these are the hardest years

The years with little sleep

When there is no sleeping in

Always chasing them

Holding their hands

Holding them in my arms

Dealing with emotions

Feeding them

Nursing them

Cooking for them

Playing with them

Singing to them

Providing for them

Bathing with them

Constantly washing clothes

Tiding up and cleaning messes

Changing diapers

I know these are the hardest years

Yet, somehow, I know, these are the BEST years

There is no doubt in my mind that I will always look back, and miss them little.

Miss the loud home.

Miss the cahos.

Miss the vacations with no relaxation.

Let's embrace the hard years

Hold them every chance we get

Say YES to playing with them despite how exhausting it sounds

And let's not only power through the hard days, but stop, and soak them in too, any way we can

I love these hard years, don't you? ✨

My dress is by @revolve so cute for the summer!


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