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How To Go Skiing With A Baby

I’ve been skiing since I was 5 and I go up to the slopes every winter at least a couple of times, I’m already planing a couple other trips this season to other locations, so I wanted to share how I’m planning to ski with Sofia each time, to give YOU some options & ideas too:

1. Having family or friends watch your baby while you ski like we are doing in Tahoe is the most convenient and the cheapest, of course. We didn’t want to be gone all day so we chose to ski the first & last 2h of the day with a lunch break in between to be with Sofia and make it easier on them too.

2. You can bring a nanny. We don’t have an official nanny but we’ve used my friend as a nanny on two occasions (for two weddings) and we’ve asked her to come on an upcoming ski trip and she accepted. We have to pay for all her expenses (transportation, food, accommodation) and of course she’ll charge us the hours that she is with Sofia alone. Which would be 4h daily approx. But we wouldn’t ask her to watch or help with Sofia at any other time, she would be a friend on the trip. Just remember a regular nanny will probably charge you for the whole day.

3. You can choose to travel with another couple who have a baby and take turns skiing. We are planning on doing this with another couple. And for example, we will watch their baby from 9a-12:30p and then they can watch Sofia from 12:30p-4p. We both would get half days of ski and enjoy the nights at the cabin together.

4. Worst case scenario you can take turns as above, but with your patenter. The only bad thing about this is skiing alone. So we are planning to do the other options instead. More fun!

This post once again is to show you that having a baby doesn’t mean you have to stop your hobbies.

It may be more pricey, it may take longer to plan, you may ski for a shorter amount of time. But you can do it if you think outside the box and plan right!


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