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How To Keep Your Identity Through Motherhood

Something I was really conscious of before becoming a mom was not losing my identity.

I knew I had to go through something really challenging: to transition into being the care taker of someone else, 24/7, without losing who I was, and still taking care of myself too.

So I asked myself: What makes me who I am? What are things in my life that are essential to my happiness and need to keep?

  1. Working out daily to feel energized and strong inside & out.

  2. Keeping my business growing to fuel my mind and passion.

  3. And traveling the world often for freedom & creativity.

I knew I had to somehow manage to keep doing all of that, while suddenly putting someone else first, and being with them all dayKeeping my identity and my “me essentials” is what has helped me have all the energy (despite still not sleeping through the night!) to be with a baby/toddler and yet, still do everything else.

It takes time to figure out the HOW, and there are sacrifices that come with, but it’s definitely worth it.

Think about it: What’s one thing that has helped you maintain your identity? What were your non negotiables?


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