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How To Live By YOUR Rules & Timeline

Society expects us to find a soulmate, not settle, have studied, have careers, “get the travel bug out”, and have stable home before we have kids “in our early 30s”

We also expect moms to grow life, deliver, breastfeed baby exclusively, bounce back, go back to work a few months after, but keep nursing until past the year, keep a happy marriage... or give up work and fully be a housewife and do the jobs of a housekeeper, babysitter, homeschooler, cook, chofer, wife... And not suffer depression or anxiety through it all!

Whether YOU feel it or not, society does put the bar high, with a timeline of how things should be.

And while I completely agree that we do have a BIOLOGICAL clock that we may feel ticking, I’m all about following-YOUR-dreams and doing things YOUR own way.

  • You can study and start your career AFTER your kids are grown, or while you have babies.

  • You don’t need a career to be happy or successful.

  • You can have babies after 40. And still be active and healthy for them. Or have them at 20 and still be mature and responsible for them.

  • You can stop working during the years when your kids are mini, and pick up work where you left off later.

  • You can be happy as a single mom.

YOU CHOOSE HOW you do things and when, it’s up to you & the opportunities you create. Not society.

I broke the “rules”. I started a business at 23, in another country alone, had no help with my babies, yet kept growing my business. I kept traveling the world with my kids.

I chose to do things differently. They warned me that it was impossible to do it this way. That I would not make it and would be so stressed. Yet here I am, relaxed and happy. Enjoying the life i created. Accomplishing my goals. My way.

Not everyone is the same

Not everyone wants the same

Let’s accept and respect that

How did you successfully break the “rules”? Share below and let’s prove everyone else that yes, you can do things differently,

If we all forgot about those pressures, we would all be much happier!

What’s the biggest pressure you feel imposed by society?


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