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How To Make Padsicles For Labor Recovery

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

These simply help speed up recovery in a smooth, refreshing way!

These have so many benefits:



Pain relief

Reduce swelling

Reduce bruising

Relieve itching


Anti stress


Aluminum foil

Organic Non Toxic Maxi Pads shop

Witch Hazel with no alcohol shop

100% pure lavender essential oil shop

100% pure unscented aloe Vera gel with no additives and non toxic shop


1. Lay the aluminum foil on the countertop or table

2. Unwrap the pad on top

3. Squeeze unscented 100% pure aloe vera gel all over, generously

4. Pour or spray alcohol-free witch hazel over the pad.

5. Add 2 drops of essential lavender oil

6. Fold the pad in the aluminum foil and place in freezer Using aluminum foil is the best approach because it prevents the pads from sticking together once placed in the freezer. If you don’t have any sanitary napkins, you might wonder whether you can use cloth pads instead.


The aluminum oil is the best to avoid them sticking to each other in the freezer.

I suggest doing a bunch before your due date and leave them "ready"

You can always do more later on (they need to be in the freezer for at least an hour).

Remember, your postpartum flow is heavier than your period at first, so you’ll need to change the pad more often

For ALL the ways on how to recovery (physically and emotionally) through postpartum, take my Mom Care Course.


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