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How To Prep For Pregnancy: Mind & Body

I think being prepared and feeling ready plays a huge role on how you can then deal with pregnancy & postpartum.

Of course, not every pregnancy is planned and that doesn’t mean that it won’t turn out wonderfully! But getting ready is always a plus.

Here’s a quick list of things you can do. The longer you have been doing them the better prepared you will be. But it’s never too late to start prepping to be the best home to your baby.

1. Limit caffeine to 1cup x day

2. No alcohol or limit it

3. Be active

4. Eat healthy. Cut processed foods

5. Take vitamin D supplement

6. Limit toxin exposure

7. Practice stress release/meditate

8. Have a healthy BMI

9. No birth control

10. Boost your immune system

11. Check your insurance

12. Track your cycle

13. Start a prenatal + folic acid

14. Get a physical/dentist checkup

Now, mentally you have to be prepared too.

1. Know a timeline, so you can prep work & life things in advanced and feel ready when time comes

2. But don’t have timeline expectations. Be conscious that it may take a while to conceive, so it doesn’t cause you stress, which won’t help the process

3. Cross off your bucket list things you’ve wanted to do before getting pregnant like a ski trip or go skydiving

4. Find communities with like minded woman, like this one

5. Have a support system of friends/fam

6. Have a healthy work/life balance

7. Know how to go with the flow

8. Learn to be positive through challenges

9. Take time for you

10. Get ideas & map out work options for pregnancy & postpartum

11. Have a financial pillow in the bank

12. Don’t be afraid of the baby stopping you from living your life, your baby joins your life. Get ready to start a new chapter of your life

13. Get rid of cluster in your home & make it cozy

In my personal opinion, there’s no perfect time, there are always going to be new goals, new bucket list activities, new work challenges that keep you busy.

So don’t wait for “the perfect moment”, get certain things to align and create that perfect moment yourself. Or trust the moment and see when baby comes!

Remember that you CAN STILL KEEP EVOLVING AND GROWING WITH YOUR BABY! ✨ Sofia has showed me!


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